I. Course Design Principles > A. Organization and Course Design

I.A.3. The learning objectives for each module should be consistent with curriculum requirements for
this course, as determined by the college EPC, and/or the program or department, as appropriate.

Values Supported



A quality course must meet normal academic standards as set by appropriate curricular governing bodies. The learning objectives should also take into account student preparation via any required prerequisites.


This area can only be evaluated by a faculty member in the course discipline, and typically with input from the department chair, school director, and/or college dean. Only a person familiar with the subject matter of the course and the curricular requirements of the program or department will be able to evaluate the course’s success with this element.

This element supports Alignment with curriculum objectives, and Transparency, in the sense that faculty and students know how the course fits into an overall curricular structure


The importance of designing courses in a way that’s consistent with curricular plans and requirements should be self-evident.