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I.B.7 In a blended class, at least 50% of the student’s time devoted to this class will be spent in
online activities. In a fully online class, 100% of the student’s time devoted to this class will be spent on online activities.

Values Supported



It is a requirement at FDU that classes identified as "fully online" or "D" be conducted entirely at a distance, with no face-to-face component required.

Blended or "B" classes must be substantially more than a technological supplement to a face-to-face class. Many of the learning activities should occur online, with 50% of the student's total work for the class conducted online."Total work" includes time spent in class.

This element supports Transparency and Responsibility, because students will expect a course composed as described in the course catalog. The introductory materials for the course should make clear what the expectations are for how much time students should devote to the course online and in class.


Blended courses should be designed so that they could be taught online with minimal revisions.


This element is determined by DL3-4 Course Development Guidelines currently in effect at FDU.