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I.B.5. The content and activities help develop student critical thinking abilities.

Values Supported



In the process of achieving the learning objectives, the content and activities should help people develop from lower-order thinking skills to higher-level thinking skills.

This element supports Transparency, because expectations are made clear; Alignment, because developing higher-order thinking requires a progression of activities; and Responsibility, because students are required to draw on their own prior knowledge to acquire higher-order skills.


Create activities and assignments that require students to analyze, evaluate, synthesize (according to Bloom’s taxonomy).

Action verbs for higher-order objectives:
Analyze –
  • Classify, arrange, outline, contrast, separate
Synthesize –
  • Combine, compose, structure, reorganize, plan
Evaluate –
  • Criticize, assess, defend, summarize, rank


The example action verbs above are from “Critical and Creative Thinking – Bloom’s Taxonomy,” which provides many links to other relevant resources.

Another excellent resource for crticial thinking can be found at http://www.dartmouth.edu/~writing/materials/faculty/pedagogies/argument.shtml While this web page is targeted to writing faculty, there is much of value to other disciplines, as well.